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The Opportunity.

LITE4NITE, the world’s leading supplier of illumunating golf balls is offering a unique opportunity for you to become one of our 160 Territory Managers! Please fill out this form if you are interested.


About Us.

LITE4NITE GOLF manufacturers new LITE4NITE lighted REAL golf balls that perform exactly like PGA TOUR balls. (No more light sticks and no more L.E.D. battery balls.) Golfers are no longer limited by sunlight. This means MORE golf and more FUN after work, on weekend afternoons and in TWILIGHT LEAGUES. For courses, this means MORE rounds and MORE revenue per week, generating $115,000 to $230,000 MORE REVENEUE per year. Also NITE golf tournaments have generated millions of dollars in revenue for courses and charities during the past 30 years.


Corky Newcomb, U.S.A.’s # 1 Sports Inventor, introduced his first NITELITE lighted golf ball in 1986. Millions were sold but NITELITES were NOT real golf balls and were ONLY used for night tournaments. New LITE4NITES are REAL golf balls that have the ability to light up FOREVER using two patented chargers system models which activate the molecules inside the surlyn. They are “The Only 24 Hour REAL Golf balls Made!” A well-known PGA TOUR PRO tested and loves the LITE4NITES. He will be our spokesperson on our website and in our print and T.V. ads on the GOLF CHANNEL.

The LITE4NITE GOLF Offer to You

The LITE4NITE GOLF Offer to You:
LITE4NITE GOLF is offering 160 EXCLUSIVE U.S. sales territories, giving a distributor complete access to sell to golf courses! Each territory has 100 courses where the distributor will have complete access to the LITE4NITE GOLF product line. Our electronic commerce system will take the order, charge the course’s credit card, and deliver product directly to them without any cost to the territory manager.

You do NOT have to carry any inventory and you do NOT have to ship the products. You are paid 20% commission on all orders THE SAME DAY as we receive the order and credit card. LITE4NITES sell for $36 per dozen wholesale and chargers sell for $21 wholesale. See pricing on 3 Balls & Mini Charger INTRO and PROMO LOGO tube paks designed for corporate promotions, tournament prizes and retail pro shop sales.


LITE4NITE GOLF sales territories are licensed at $2,500 per year (with the option to renew) which gives the territory manager EXCLUSIVE sales access to a set list of courses. The territory manager sells exclusively to pro shops and is paid 20% commission on ALL orders the SAME day. BREAK EVEN for this investment is less than 20 courses purchasing 12 dozen balls and 12 chargers. One NITE tournament, as an example, with 48 golfers using 3 balls each = 12 dozen balls.

100 “9 DINE & 9” NITE tournaments and 1200 dozen LITE4NITES and chargers makes a NET PROFIT for you of $30,000.00. NITE tournaments educate golfers that LITE4NITES are REAL golf balls that = PGA TOUR grade golf balls and LIGHT UP FOREVER! Having only one “9 DINE & 9” NITE tournament convinces members at that course that LITE4NITES are REAL golf balls that light up brightly FOREVER! The members will then buy more LITE4NITES at the pro shop. NO MORE SLOW PLAY because of looking for lost balls!

You do NOT have to carry any inventory and you do NOT have to ship the products. You are paid 20% commission on all orders THE SAME DAY as we receive the order and credit card. LITE4NITES sell for $36 per dozen wholesale and chargers sell for $21 wholesale. See pricing on 3 Balls & Mini Charger INTRO and PROMO LOGO tube paks designed for corporate promotions, tournament prizes and retail pro shop sales.


Territory managers purchase their shares up front and agree to the list of courses. Should the list be inaccurate, it will be adjusted accordingly by Lite4Nite. Lite4Nite has final authority on the course list and assignments. Territory managers will use the Lite4Nite e-commerce portal for all transactions, and will require basic computer knowledge. Deliveries will be only to courses on the territory manager list, and product will be sold at that course’s shop. Territory managers cannot sell product direct to golfers or reveal their price lists. Territory managers will represent Lite4Nite in the best possible way, act professionally at all times, and be subject to review by the company. Territory managers are independent contractors and not employees of Lite4Nite. Lite4Nite territories can be withdrawn for failure to meet expectations or guidelines as explained to territory managers without refund of fees.

The Facts

LITE4NITE Golf Balls

  • Play Like Best Golfballs
  • Never Break a Club
  • Total Bright Illumination

LED Golf-balls

  • 1-1.5 Clubs Shorter
  • Non rechargable (BATTERIES DIE)
  • Break Clubs
  • Only Glows

Imported Light Stick Golf-balls

  • 2-3 Clubs Shorter
  • Requires New Lightsticks
  • Break Clubs
  • Only Glows

Don’t Take our Word for it

In an independent GOLF LAB TEST in California conducted by a major golf brand, the LITE4NITE golfballs out performed Bridgestone’s TOUR RX 330 golf balls.



"Even as an advanced golfer, I have had lots of fun playing in NITELITE golf tournaments. I was unbelievably shocked to find a golfball that was as soft as the LITE4NITE is. A lighted golf ball I can hit 300 yards and find in the dark is pretty cool to me. To see the way these lighted golf balls react around the greens is astonishing. As most golfers know, you have no game unless you have a short game and with the LITE4NITE golf balls you have the entire package. Now you can use one ball to play it all. I would recommend these awesome lighted golf balls to any golfer who is looking to play more golf and have more fun. That includes making more pars, more birdies and just maybe a HOLE-IN-ONE!"

Tyler Nadeau

Assistant Golf Professional
Barrington, N.H.

"The new LITE4NITE golfball is the LONGEST and MOST accurate golfball made for twilight and nighttime play and fun. Amateurs and pros will love how this lighted golfball hits, feels, sounds, spins and bites the greens. It's Awesome to be able to now hit a lighted golfball 400 yards and then find my ball waiting to be putted. Best of luck on and off the course."

Kevin Bullard

Nine Time Long Drive Champion

"The LITE4NITE golfballs are quite frankly THE BEST lighted golfballs in history. They play as well as any ball on the market today. You sacrifice NOTHING playability wise compared to the top names of golfballs. Plus the fact, these amazing lighted golfballs are easy to follow, find and light up Forever! I will be able to put more rounds through my golf course and extend my TWILIGHT LEAGUES with the LITE4NITE golfballs which = more $$$$$."

Justin Barkley

Head Golf Professional and Mini-Tour Player
Meredith, N.H.

"My group has used NITELITE golf balls every Sunday morning for over 20 years. They get us out before the crowds, before the sun comes up and allow us to play fast. The new LITE4NITE golf balls feel and play just like the best brands of golf balls so we have moved back a tee. It is very simple to see how theLITE4NITE golf balls will increase revenue at my golf course."

Bill Stine

President and CEO
Kissimmee, Florida

"All of my members love the new LITE4NITES. We always play the forward tees and with the old lighted balls no one could drive any par 4s. This year we heard a lot of golfers saying they drove a few greens and even had one guy drive over the green. I would definitely recommend the new LITE4NITE golf balls to any golf course that is thinking of hosting a night tournament. We are already looking forward to the next one!"

Carl Ste-Marie, PGA

General Manager
The Country Club at Lake City
Lake City, FL 32055

"I hit 10 new LITE4NITE golfballs on the green with my 7 iron from 175 yards. I then hit my FIRST drive and this fantastic lighted golfball went 305 yards landing only 9 feet from the pin! I told Corky Newcomb to take a photo of it because that would be my best drive today. I will play the LITE4NITE golfball morning, noon, twilight and night because it hits, feels, reacts, putts and sounds just like the best golf balls made. Plus the fact that it lights up FOREVER!" We held our second HOLES FORE HUNGER LITE4NITE tournament which raised funds to feed over 100 local school children on the weekends.

Jonathan Rivers

Director of Golf Operations
Ossipee, N.H.

"Distance and feel are no longer a problem with LITE4NITE golf balls. These lighted balls perform predictably just like their non-glowing counter parts."

Todd McKittrick

Head Golf Professional
Manchester, N.H.

"LITE4NITE golf balls are very playable, feel and sound great. They fly the same distance as PRO V1s and, in fact, some of my shots went further. These incredible golf balls drive much further than all other lighted golf balls by at least 20 to 100 yards depending upon which club you are using. There is no question that LITE4NITE golf balls are the longest and brightest lighted golf balls made. They play just like real golf balls because they are real golf balls."

Paul Tessier

Head Golf Professional
Moultonboro, N.H.

"The new LITE4NITE golf balls have surprisingly great feel around the greens. I was able to control my ball flight with my irons and the distance off the tee was comparable to other leading golf balls on the market. I think I will be playing more golf in the twilight and at night in the future."

Greg Sampson

Swansea, Mass.

"The new LITE4NITE golf balls are by far the most realistic illuminated ball I have ever hit. Night golf tournaments are a member favorite at my golf course and I would not use any other lighted golf ball. We will be able to put more rounds through our golf course in the spring and fall with the invention of the LITE4NITE golf balls and our summer TWILIGHT LEAGUES can now be extended in the summer."

Mike Uhlman

Head Golf Professional
Moultonboro, N.H.

"The new LITE4NITE golf ball feels and reacts just like a regular golf ball. It is amazing to me that other than being in the twilight or dark, it is hard to tell that it is not the number one golf ball used by PGA Tour players."

Gordon Swennes

Director of Golf/Head Golf Professional
Rye, N.H.

"The Lite4Nite golf ball plays as well as any golf ball on the market... The Lite4Nite golf ball can extend your twilight round without changing your club selections... If you're playing twilight golf, you have to carry the Lite4Nite golf ball in your bag"

Mike Ryan

PGA Golf Professional
Derryfield, N.H.


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